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DeliverHealth Solutions: This new headquarters & Client Experience Center consisted of a complete ‘gut’ and interior remodel of an existing one-story office building constructed in the mid-1970’s. It features upgrades to the entire electro-mechanical systems, roof and construction new restrooms in all common areas. The contemporary, quasi-industrial aesthetic complements the mid-century modernist style of the exterior. It takes advantage of the large expanses of perimeter storefront glazing that brings natural light into the building’s interior and maximizes views of numerous grand oaks on three sides of the building. This new office and headquarters further supports the client’s mission with a mix of private and collaborative workspaces, interactive training rooms, and market development offices, providing an immersive experience for their visiting customers. Also important is the ability to engage with clients virtually with their state-of-the-art audiovisual system that was integrated into the Client Experience Center to ensure their meetings run smoothly whether remote, in-person, or hybrid. The Client Experience Center features a curved, 24-foot-wide video wall, specialty lighting, and video cameras for support of teleconferencing and podcast productions.