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German American Club: This adaptive reuse transformed the historic German American Club building in Ybor City into the new 31,400 SF Tampa headquarters for Metro Inclusive Health and CAN Community Health. These nonprofits provide full-service healthcare with a focus on HIV, the LGBTQ community, the under-insured, and the uninsured. The ground floor includes offices, therapy rooms, and meeting spaces. A double-glazed clerestory system maintains the open feeling while providing both sound and visual privacy. The two-story grand theater space is now a multipurpose hall that acts as a training and conference center as well as a venue that can be rented for community fundraisers. A new 15,000 SF addition preserves the original building’s form, envelope, and massing while differentiating itself from the historic structure with the use of compatible materials, lines, details, scale, and proportion. A glass connector provides a clear differentiation between the old and new and minimizes the physical impact to the historic building caused by the construction. It also provides the occupants with a new perspective of the historic façade.